Friday, June 11, 2010

My Adopted Chicken

Did I ever mention that I love birds? I love them dearly. Anyhow, we already have three chickens and I adore the heck out of them. Today we get a call from Lilos mama, Bette. She says that she found a lovely little chicken running around at a busy intersection. So she hopped out of her car and called the little lady and she came right to her and hopped her little chicken butt into Bette's car. Now for the bad news (that actually hurts my stomach). This sweet little chicken is all beat up. I think it looks worse than it is because she has some blood dried on her but she has an owie on her head. And her comb (top gobbler thing) is torn and flopped over. Her feathers are all patchy. She is the nicest little darling and she got right in my lap and snuggled up and took a little nap while I loved her. Here she is but as a warning, her owie might hurt your tummy too:


Her name is Pearl and I love her. I hope that she heals up quickly. The other ladies were trying to peck at her so we decided to have her sleep inside tonight since she has had a rough day.

On a side nite, Coral and I enjoyed some frozen yogurt before the gym. She wore pig tails and looks so grown up.


She is my favorite



Courtney said...

I can't believe you named your chicken Pearl, when you know full well that m first born daughter will be named Pearl.

Natalie Maddon said...

OMG... Yea right, I dint know ur baby girl name was Pearl. So cute..who cares if she's named after a dreamy chicken!!

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