Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kawaii Nails..?!

How is it that I have never owned some fancy Kawaii Nails such as these? Now I am not the girl that gets my nails done..ever. But I feel like these little beauties may be the exception. These might just complete my life.


Today I slept in until 10:00. That is unheard of. Coral slept at my moms house last night so I seized the opportunity to do all my laundry and then sleep in. Such a party animal, right? I am getting ready to go to the gym right now with my auntie Rhea-Lynn. She is the most amazing person ever to live. I will make a post just about her soon.

Good day lovelies,

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Courtney said...

Remember when you got your nails done when we worked at MAC and your goal was to make them as white-trash as possible? Like nail piercing and all? Hahahahaha. I'm pretty sure you got in trouble for not wearing MAC approved lacquer.

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