Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Mail

I am so excited right now. I discovered this blog called Happy Mail. You sign up and then mail each other cute things each month. Each person fills out a survey about what they love and then they get paired up with someone else or multiple people if you want. How much fun is that?! I know that whenever I get mail that is anything other than junk or bills, I just about jump out of my skin. Right now the most exciting thing I get is a new magazine each month and it feels like Christmas. I found out about this snazzy little mailing community through the blog Pixies and Bears. She does lots of super fun stuff with paper. I can’t wait to get paired up with someone to send prizes too. Once I get my person and get busy I will post the exciting array.
Here is the picture from the Pixies and Bears blog that sold me on this happy mail stuff (hopefully it is okay I used this picture, punch me if it is naughty to steal it):
How pumped would you be to get mail like this? Ready, set…go sign up!!!



Carrie Lynn said...

Hey! I'm your happy mail partner for June! It sound like this is your first month, so I'm excited for you. I've only been doing it since March, but it's been so much fun getting to know people from across the country.
So excited to get to know you!

Natalie Maddon said...

Thanks Carrie, I am so excited! I have already started gathering stuff together for you :)

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