Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dear summer,

Please stop trying to ruin my life! Is it just me or is it darn near impossible to concentrate or be productive when the sunshine is beckoning? This is me normally: super productive and focused on my job, annoyingly positive and chipper, love going to work and helping people, good student. Today I woke up and did not want to go to work at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job (I am a finance advisor) but lately all I want to do is play outside. What the heck? I am about a week behind in my homework and not nearly as productive at work as normal. Normally during my lunch hour at work I do homework. Today, I had to leave so I drove home with my windows down blasting Lady Gaga just to get water out of my fridge and drive back to work. Who does that? Then when I got to work I sat in my car for a minute wishing that I was playing at the park with my sweet baby girl Coral. The weather is currently 66 degrees and there is a slight wind, just enough to fly a kite. Who wants to sit in a cubicle and review spreadsheets in this weather?


In other summer fun news, next weekend I will be getting ready for my BFF Kat who is going to come visit me from Kansas City the first weekend of May. We are going to have a BBQ at my house for everyone to come and see her. Right now my backyard is an overgrown disaster that would be way too embarrassing to have people come over and lounge in. I am going to spruce it up with a good mowing and some flowers. I also have to get an outdoor patio set. I don’t want it to be one of those boring ones where everything is all matchy and clearly from Home Depot though. My mission is to search the thrift stores for different wood pieces then paint them the same color for a touch of uniformity. Maybe I will make some outdoor pillows. Party planning is my favorite.

I defiantly making one of these tablecloths made of bandannas though, courtesy of good ‘ol Martha Stewart (I can’t help it if I love her). Click her name if you want the step by step instructions to copy her as well.


Anyone else have any fun ideas for a BBQ?

With love,


Courtney said...

I really like the bandana tablecloth thing! But I don't have a table. :-/ So take pictures when you're done - I will live vicariously. :)
About your sleep comment, I have no idea what's up. I'm on Ambien - obviously not working. Possibly one of those creepy sleep studies in the future for me too.

Natalie Maddon said...

I will post pics. I think I will make it red and yellow like catchup and mustard :)

Good luck with the sleep situation!

Trine said...

oh, bbq....sigh....its not warm enough here yet, but the weatherman promised higher temperatures for the weekend...i will give him hell if he

xoxo trine

Chantel said...

Ok - seriously the instructions lost me at "machine sew" - why didn't i learn how to sew! Post pictures!

Natalie Maddon said...

Chantel, Pictures of how to sew? I have a good idea... you come to my house, we drink wine, I teach you to sew, and you take pictures and we will put it on my blog. That kills like three birds with one stone. Plus I miss your face!!!

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