Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adventure is Out There!

Lately I have been all but consumed with the idea of traveling. I love the idea of being a jet setting woman of the world. The idea of traveling the world and experiencing all that each place has to offer sounds like a dream come true if you ask me. I also think that it would be amazing to raise Coral understanding the importance of other cultures and seeing the world. Seeing as I have never been outside the U.S, I think the time is now. Since travel has been on my mind lately it has also spilled over in my wardrobe, home, etc.

Doesn't this dress make you want to get your beach on?


Any adventurer needs a compass right, right? It might as well be gorgeous such as this one that I found while drooling over all things etsy.


Seriously, could it be any cuter. Too bad rings make claustrophobic. I will need a necklace version perhaps.

I was watching one of those HGTV shows about people who buy vacation homes in other countries and about died when I saw an episode about Bali. Ooh my gosh, is that place dreamy or what?!


My goal is to leave the country once at least every other year starting this year. Each country is so different (from what I see in pictures or read about, obviously) both culturally and in the demographics. I love the idea that I can be in Desertville, AZ one day and in the tropical rain forest the next. World, here I come!! Now, to start the planning and saving for all these adventures. Holy excited right now.


With Love,


Heather said...

hello! i found you from Danielle's blog. I am not following you. I see your blog is new! Have fun blogging!



Danielle said...

Nat! Love this post so much. And I love that you're blogging now! <333

Natalie Maddon said...

Thanks Danielle... I am still figuring out how to make it pretty. I ordered a fancy template but I think I am going to make Joey figure out a prettier one. I am pretty shocked that I even got this far though.

P.S. am I supposed to write back to these posts like people do on facebook or is that uncool in the blog world?

Danielle said...

It's definitely nice to write back. It's a little different since you can't comment on each person's thing, but I usually just say each name and then whatever I want to say back!

My friend Lindsay made me a template, she charges but if Joey can do it for free then that's awesome! I'm just so excited you're heeeeere! :D

Natalie Maddon said...

I found one and paid for it (see, it is up now). She sent me the wrong one but it is better than the plain brown I suppose. Eventually I will have Joey fancify it :)

Melissa said...

Hey, (semi) new to blogging also. I blogged for a couple of months before telling any fam or friends. I love it. Hope you have fun also...how could you not? Oh and Bali is better than on tv shows. If it were up to my husband we would probably be living there...surfer you know.

Leonesse said...

Welcome to the blogging world. I left it about a year ago.

Leonesse said...

Make that nearly two years ago.

Anonymous said...

Yay for travel!

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